The production process is carried out in respect to the most accurate hygiene controls, and it has led in the years to a foodstuff safety, granting high and homogenous standard, constant in time.

Besides HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), the most important award for food safety in compliance with the European regulations, pre-requisite for the production of foodstuff, Modecor have invested in quality by taking important steps, among which the most significant are:

  • BRC
    British Retailer Consortium

    Certification obtained in June 2014 following an audit by a third party certifying body. This standard allows you to communicate with customers such as large retailers and large industrial groups at an international level. The BRC standard is mainly focused on protecting the product from contamination by physical and chemical foreign bodies.

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  • IFS
    International Food Standard

    It is an instrument equivalent to the BRC issued by the most important names in the German, French and Italian large-scale retail trade, obtained in June 2014

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    Certification obtained in December 2016 from the certifying authority "World Halal Authority - WHA", which certifies the compatibility of the products of the requesting companies with Islamic law. Halal certification is a quality certification, which guarantees that the product, in addition to being compliant with Italian and European regulations on hygiene and safety, is also compliant with the rules of Islamic law (the sharia)

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Our incoming quality control is strict regardless of the origin of the goods: our factory in Italy, our subsidiaries or our selected suppliers. We compare the requested quality standard with the production one and the quality level of the incoming and outgoing goods and materials.
In order to obtain the best quality, the highest safety standards, the lowest environmental impact, and to reduce costs, Modecor is continuously improving all technological processes concerning the production, the packaging and the handling in the supply chain.


Modecor complies with the current CE 178/2002 Regulation products traceability offering to its customers an increasing guarantee of safety and protection.

Gluten free

We offer a wide range of gluten-free products. This allows also those affected by celiac disease to decorate and enjoy their creations without any fear of contamination.

OGM Free

A guarantee, in other words, that no raw material coming from “genetically modified” cultivations is used in our products.

Look for the Modecor Quality symbol on all packaging:

  • Maximum safety and quality are guaranteed directly from our production sites for products Made in Modecor and therefore Made in Italy.

  • To ensure safety and reliability, we certify all products selected form our global partners.


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