Trademarks and Licenses

We are licensees for the most successful and appealing brands in Italy and Europe

The high quality standards and compliance with regulations have allowed Modecor to be, for over 15 years, the reference point for the main Kis' brands in the world.

This combination has become a unique sales opportunity for Modecor and its customers, as well as a competitive advantage.

Having the exclusivity from major Licensors such as Viacom, Universal etc. allows us in fact to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the final consumer.

Modecor has always invited all its customers to comply with anti-piracy regulations, strong in the belief that following the directives and being linked to the approvals of the Licensors (which also means not resorting to child labour, using selected raw materials, etc.), translates into high quality products which are then appreciated and recognized by the final consumer.


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